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Choose a Certified Arborist for Your Valuable Trees

Why use a Certified Arborist to care for your trees?

Spraying for insect infestations, particularly in tall trees requires a large pump with adequate pressure

Example of a beautiful Maple tree with inadequate spray for insect infestation.

FB_IMG_1539628298673 (002).JPG

One may argue that a Tree Trimming service will get the job done, however while both Certified Arborists and Tree Trimmers typically offer pruning and removal services, only Arborists are trained and educated to protect tree health and properly care for and plant trees. An Arborist is specially trained in diseases of Trees and can often diagnose and treat diseases to save your trees.

Likewise there are differences between Horticulturists and Arborists.  Horticulturists are generalists working with all sorts of plant life whereas Arborists specialize in the health and care of only trees and shrubs. 

Landscapers and Arborists offer different types of tree services. The two professions can be complementary but are not interchangeable. Landscapers typically care for lawns and ornamental floral and shrubbery plantings and are not trained in dealing with diseases or pest infestations particular to trees nor do they typically have equipment necessary to deal with large trees.  Certified Arborists are professionals specializing in caring for shrubs and trees having been trained in the care, cultivation, diseases, nutrition and predatory insects of all tree species in the area they serve. A Certified Arborist will have the expertise to diagnose issues and you can rest assured will counsel the best course of action and have the necessary  equipment to handle any job properly.  For example in spraying for insect infestations, typically Certified Arborists utilize a sprayer delivering 35 gallons per minute while landscapers typically use a sprayer delivering10 gallons per minute obviously for large trees the higher pressure is necessary, the lower pressure is fine for lawns, and small shrubs. In order for spraying for predatory insects to be effective the foliage must be adequately saturated.

Choose a Certified Arborist 

who will have the proper 

equipment for your job.

A timely consultation with a Certified Arborist could have prevented this


Serving All of Your Tree Care Needs!

downed tree 3.jpg

From Emergencies and Tree Removals to Routine Maintenance!

Alfred's Superior Tree Service is your first choice for tree removals and other tree care services in and around the Wichita area, including Andover, Augusta, Eldorado, Haysville, Hutchinson, Clearwater, Valley Center, Park City and Derby, as well as Kingman, Salina, Hays.


We are a locally owned and operated business so we understand the types of issues you may have in the area. Plus, we value honesty and integrity above all else so you can be sure we will treat your property with the respect and care it deserves.


Our team has Arborist certifications from Kansas Arborists Association (KAA) and the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), we are proud of our Professional Accreditation from Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) and our Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP) certification from (TCIA).


We are committed to quality work and outstanding results,we look forward to building a lasting relationship with you and guarantee your satisfaction!  


Fall is on the way...

fall insect activity.jpg
fall insects.jpg

This is the best time to prepare for a beautiful Spring!

Alfred's Superior Tree Service is your first choice for maintaining your valuable tree's health and beauty. We serve  in and around the Wichita area, including Andover, Anthony, Augusta, Eldorado, Haysville, Hutchinson, Clearwater, Valley Center, Park City and Derby, as well as Kingman, Salina, Hays.

Fall is the best time, as trees are entering dormancy to prepare your valuable trees for the coming harsh winter and to lay the groundwork for health and beauty in the Spring and Summer.

Some destructive and predatory insects and fungi "hibernate" during fall and winter only to emerge after the spring thaw to infect and infest your trees.

The best cure is prevention!  Be proactive in protecting your trees.  Alfred's Superior Tree Service's Certified Arborists are trained to identify and treat potential dangers to your trees' health.

Fertilization and pruning are most effective from October through early April. 


Our team hold Arborist certifications from Kansas Arborists Association (KAA), the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), we are fully accredited with the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) and have earned a Certified Treecare Safety, Accreditation from (TCIA).


As certified Arborists we are knowledgable about the biology of trees, their vulnerabilities, proactive preventative care and life cycles in Kansas.

Ensure the Health and Safety of Your Trees


You can be assured that your home's landscape investment is well protected through proper tree and shrub care. Plus, you'll have a safe, pleasurable area for your family to enjoy through every season of the year.

A tree in front of a house increases the home's sale price by an average of $7,130!

Mature trees in affluent neighborhoods command on average a 10-15% increase on the home's value!

Click here to find out how we help our residential clients increase the value and curb appeal of their homes.   

Alfred's Superior Tree Service provides tree care and removals at residential properties.
Residential - Home

Properly Maintain and Manage Your Properties


We wouldn't want to imagine a world without the cool comfort of shade trees, the gentle sound of wind blowing through the leaves, or without grand, healthy trees for your clients, employees and the community to enjoy.  Alfred's Superior Tree Service, a Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) accredited tree care company, can help you maintain these essential elements. 

Your property's appearance makes a first and lasting impression.  It tells clients and potential employees how serious you are about your products, your business and being part of the local community long before they set foot in your building.

Neglected trees can cause deaths, injuries and property damage.  An Accredited tree care company helps protect your clients, employees and facilities from injury or property damage caused by trees with defects, such as cracked limbs and trunks, decayed limbs and trunks and damaged root systems, and certainly not least, protect you from liability.

Alfred's Superior Tree Service offers tree care and removals for commercial clients.
Commercial - Home
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About Alfred's
Superior Tree Service

Would you trust just anyone to take care of your property?

When you hire an accredited tree care company you can be assured that the company has met and exceeded the many standards put forth by the Accreditation process established by TCIA America's oldest and most respected tree care trade association.  The TCIA Accreditation program is built on a foundation of ethics, quality and consumer confidence.

Ethics- Accredited companies undergo an extensive review and audit of professional and business practices aimed at safeguarding consumers.

Quality- Accredited companies meet stringent criteria for professionalism, employee training, state and federal safety regulations, business ethics and customer satisfaction, as well as following ANSI A300 tree care standards when providing services.

Confidence- You can be assured that TCIA has checked for proper insurance, applicable business and pesticide licensure, and customer service that is reliable and ethical.

Alfred's Superior Tree Service is the FIRST TCIA Accredited Certified Arborists in Wichita and the second in KS.  We are the ONLY TCIA Accredited Arborists in Wichita!!


Whatever your Arboreal care needs Alfred's Superior Tree Service has the experience, skill and equipment to serve you best.

Get a Free Estimate Now! 

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Through the Tree Branch

What Our Clients are Saying...

“I've lived at my home for 40 years and am very particular about my trees. I finally found a good tree service that helps me keep my yard clean and gives good advice. I've used Alfred's Tree Service several times and am a happy repeat customer.”

Paul Girrens

Ask About Our Career Opportunities

A career in the Arboriculture Industry is perfect for people who love the outdoors, have a sense of adventure and want to make a difference. 

At Alfred's Superior Tree Service, we're looking for hard working, experienced, reliable people to join our team. We need people who have been in the tree service before, tree climbing and cutting, pesticide applicants, CDL drivers.


This is a full time position and a labor intensive job that is outdoors. We do pre-employment drug and alcohol screening as well as randoms. We follow OSHA  and KDOT standards and require our employees to do the same.


If you are interested in filling out an application, please call the office at 316-522-9458. Feel free to send a resume to our email address at:  


You can also apply in person between 7:00 and 8:00 am Monday through Friday. (Please call a day ahead.)

Our Latest Projects 

Anthony historical building.PNG

Harper County Courthouse Built in 1907


We're never too busy for a safety training session.  We hold weekly training sessions as required for Accreditation, benefitting our employees and clients.

We are proud to have been selected by the charming city of Anthony to clean up overgrowth of trees and shrubs around town!

Sunflower Balloonfest annually since 1998

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Clean up.JPG
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Clean Up

We have the experience, skill and equipment to handle any job.


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Reliable & Trustworthy

Professional & Experienced

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