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Winterize Your Trees


Now is the time to plan for winterizing your trees:

Pruning: Trees go into dormancy during winter ideal for pruning

  • ​Prune fruit trees in winter to maximize fruit production

  • Prune dead and broken branches-weak branches can be further damaged in harsh elements

  • Give your trees a fresh start for spring

Protection: Provide protection for your trees in freezing temperatures

  • Mulch  to retain moisture and warmth

  • Continue to water as needed until ground freezes

  • Watch out for road salt which can dry out tree roots and alter the structure of soil

  • Prevent Sunscald: Warm days that turn into freezing nights can damage tissue under bark

  • Deter deer: In winter deer use tree trunks to smooth their antlers which can strip large chunks of wood

  • Remove piled snow with a broom avoid shaking snow off a tree

  • Leave the ice: Wait for a warm up then have an arborist inspect the tree for damage

Fertilizing: Wait until tree or shrub is beginning to enter dormancy

  • Slow-release fertilizer from early dormancy to before the ground is frozen

  • Feeding in winter feeds the roots which often still grow in winter making the trees stronger, sturdier and more durable emerging from dormancy faster and grow more quickly


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