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Demolition of a commercial property.
How We Help...

  • Assess Location for Safety Precautions

  • Discuss Plan for Demolition

  • Remove Debris from Property

  • Clean and Inspect the Entire Area

  • Follow-up with Client to Ensure Satisfaction

Handling All of Your Demolition and Land Clearing Projects

Demolition and land clearing is not as easy as you might think. It's knowing what type of equipment to use in a particular demolition project and how to manage it from start to finish.


At Alfred's Superior Tree Service, we are experienced in all types of demolition and land clearing projects:


  • Demolition - Includes clearing backyard sheds, garages, barns, wooden and chain link fences, and other types of structures.

  • Land Clearing  - Includes clearing of various natural areas including pastures and unwanted cedar or hedge trees on the pasture ground.

If there's a property or structure that you need cleared, we can remove everything you want so that you can proceed with any landscape, building, or construction project!

Call us at 316-522-9458 and let us know how we can help you with your demolition project.  

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