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Pruning & Trimming

Worker in bucket pruning a tree.
How We Help...

  • Assess the Type of Pruning That Needs to be Done

  • Discuss Plan for Pruning and Trimming with Client

  • Remove Debris from Property

  • Clean and Inspect the Entire Area

  • Follow-up with Client to Ensure Satisfaction

The Importance of Pruning and Trimming Your Trees

To ensure a healthy tree, pruning and trimming is absolutely essential. It promotes proper tree structure, appropriate branch spacing, and continued health and beauty for many years.

At Alfred's Superior Tree Service, our Certified Arborists treat each tree individually, as all trees require specific pruning at various life stages, and they are knowledgeable on proper pruning techniques for all types of trees and shrubs. 

Why Prune and Trim Your Trees and Shrubs

  • Safety – Dead or hazardous limbs often go unnoticed and can cause safety hazards

  • Strong Branch Structure – Pruning young trees in the right place can dramatically increase the health, structure, and life span of a tree

  • Minimize Thinning – Pruning helps reduce thinning in the upper canopy that can be hazardous in windstorms

  • Strengthen Roots – Pruning helps to reduce the workload on the root system

  • Increase Air Flow – Pruning increases air flow and helps in disease management

  • Clear Obstructions - Clearance pruning from buildings, signs, lights and roadways provides a more safe environment​

Call us at 316-522-9458 and let us know how we can help you with proper pruning and trimming of your trees.  

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