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Stump Removal

Stump removal on a residential property.
How We Help...

  • Assess Location for Safety Precautions

  • Discuss Plan for Stump Removal with Client

  • Remove Stump and Other Debris from Property

  • Clean and Inspect the Entire Area

  • Follow-up with Client to Ensure Satisfaction

The Benefits of Removing Your Tree Stump

When you remove a tree, the job is not fully complete until you remove the stump of the tree. Here are a number of reasons why it's important to remove a tree stump.

  • Ensure that the tree does not start to sprout again

  • Allows you to plant a new tree in the same place

  • Enables you to level the property so you can add grass or a natural area

  • Improves the aesthetics or value of your property

  • Removes trip hazards

Alfred's Superior Tree Service has two stump grinders, one for large stumps and one for smaller stumps. This gives us the flexibility to take out a stump of any size or in any location.


Whatever reason you choose, we can remove your tree stump for you! We offer quick turn-around and total customer satisfaction.

Call us at 316-522-9458 and let us know how we can help you remove your tree stump quickly and efficiently.  

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