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Emergency Service

Tree falls on house during a storm.
How We Help...
  • Ready for Any Type of Emergency

  • Safety Assessment of the Location

  • Removal of Trees and Debris from Property

  • Clean and Inspect the Entire Area

  • Corrective Pruning for Damaged Trees

  • Provide Proposals and Work Orders for Your Insurance Company

We're There for You When Disaster Strikes Your Property

Alfred's Superior Tree Service is your first choice for emergency tree care service. 


Storms and other types of weather can cause devastating structural damage from trees falling on homes and businesses. When an incident like this happens, you need immediate assistance to manage the situation followed by long-term maintenance for non-emergency issues. 

Our tree crews have extensive experience in the field and can be deployed quickly during a crisis to help solve your immediate needs. Once we handle the issues at your home or office, we'll help you navigate the complexities of the insurance paperwork and any damage or hazard reports that are needed.

Call us at 316-522-9458 and let us know how we can help you resolve your emergency needs.  

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