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Maintaining the Health of Your Trees & Shrubs

How We Help...

  • Assess the Type of Problem You're Having

  • Discuss Plan for Rectifying the Problem

    Follow-up with Client to Ensure Satisfaction

Providing routine tree care maintenance is critical to helping sustain the health, vigor, and longevity of your trees. To ensure the value of your trees and shrubs, one of our Arborists will inspect your location, listen to your particular needs, and help you determine a healthcare plan to promote your trees' health and longevity.

Here's how we care for your trees:

Fertilizing: We can set up a fertilizing program for your trees that maintains the Ph levels of the soil to enhance the overall health and longevity of your trees.

Insect & Disease Control Sprays: With the ever-increasing tick and insect population, we offer tick and insect control programs to keep your trees and family safe. In addition, we spray for a variety of diseases that affect your trees.


We use only the highest-quality products to keep your property pest free. Here are some of the pests for which we spray:

  • Pine blight

  • Bag worms

  • Cedar apple rust

  • Web worms

  • Iron injections

Call us at 316-522-9458 and let us know how we can help you remove your tree stump quickly and efficiently.  


Click on the pictures below for a description of the pests. 

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